Economic Uncertainty And Fear Of Contagion “Turn Off” The Smile Of The Spanish

33% of Spaniards are considering giving up going to the dentist in the coming months for economic reasons and the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is one of the main conclusions drawn from extensive research carried out by the KEY-STONE consultancy , with a representative sample of 1,000 Spanish families. Specifically, it is shown that in these … Read more

PUBLIC HEALTHWe Doctor And Digimevo Integrate The First Medical Teleconsultation System With 3D Explanations In Spain

The medical consultation platform We Doctor and the startup specialized in medical communication Digimevo have succeeded in introducing POC ( Point of Care ) technology for the first time in Spain for explaining diagnoses to patients through specialized audiovisual content. The system allows medical-health personnel to show in real-time the technical interpretation of the diagnosis through real 3D recreations. Thanks to them it is … Read more

PUBLIC HEALTHThe Flu Vaccine Is Of Utmost Importance This Year To Prevent A Serious Co-Infection With Covid-19

The flu shot is more important this year than ever. You can not only prevent the flu, a common respiratory infection in the winter season that can lead to serious complications but also prevent co-infection with flu and Covid-19. The coexistence of both infections could be very serious, especially in groups at risk for one or the other … Read more

Are The Masks Valid Against The Transmission Of The Coronavirus By Aerosols?

The transmission of COVID-19 through aerosols in the air is an argument that is gaining traction among the scientific community. There is already a huge amount of experimental evidence and empirical data that suggest the importance of transmission by this means, at least under certain conditions. The study of some outbreaks in places of worship, restaurants, buses, or residences , suggests the importance … Read more

Hospital Clínico San Carlos: Working Towards A Decision-Making Model Based On Data Analysis

Technology is generating tools and platforms capable of processing huge amounts of data in real time. This allows both managers and health professionals to make decisions based on objective parameters. The innovation unit analyzes large amounts of data generated by hospital activity in order to improve management and research in health The collaboration of the innovation … Read more

New Health OPE In Galicia: 69 Nursing Positions, 40 For Doctors And 10 For Physiotherapists

The  Xunta de Galicia  published this Wednesday competitive examinations to cover a total of 591 public employment positions  in the Galician Administration on a fixed basis  , most of them through a novel  call for  social employment . These are ten different competitive examinations in which all the places will be open access. The general director of Public Function,  José María Barreiro , pointed out today at a … Read more

Twins And Twins, More Than Brothers

The special bond of siblings who share a pregnancy is a reality. Twins and twins feel a unique connection for life. His presence radically changes the lives of families who must learn to understand their world The arrival of a new member of the family is always synonymous with joy, but concerns and worries are inevitable even … Read more

Gum Graft, Natural Support For Teeth

The gums retract for various reasons, exposing the neck of the tooth. In addition to causing sensitivity and an increased risk of infection, the tooth is not well supported and can be lost. Gum grafts with the patient’s own tissues help maintain the teeth. Tobacco and alcohol, periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis, age or hormonal disorders such … Read more